Talking about art is often ironic, the work should really speak for itself, or there are two distinct voices going on at the same time which is one original meaning of irony.

This week I gave a short talk on my work and then took questions. I am always fascinated to hear what comes out of my mouth and how others perceive it! In this case it was students, eager to become artists themselves and learning to articulate their thoughts.

Words spoken and written are the most considered response to experience, art is often the most immediate mysterious and emotional response. The two worlds meet and in some senses a new dialectic is born.

One of the problems with “artspeak” is just this slipping through the fingers of critical language. Walt Whitman said ” I contain multitudes” and that is often my feeling when considering artworks, the best ones do contain multitudes, layers of the untranslatable which we try and capture in words but like a butterfly in a net it still eludes us.

But words are all we have and that is where art comes in……….

Also to music this week and hearing the great Rachmaninov Piano Concerto no 3 brilliantly played by Peter Donohoe  has only emphasized the redundancy of words…. they fail me when something is this good.

To this weeks artwork: I have been playing around with digital images and so now I will let this title speak for itself? ….. “Blue Heart Dancer”

Blue Heart Dancer 1 lo resBlue Heart Dancer 1 lo resBlue Heart Dancer 1 lo res