“Sailing to Byzantium” A Diptych Painting, Sunset in Istanbul  

Exciting news to end this creative year. I have new work and new styles to show you at these events. I hope to see you there and communicate something of the excitement, I have discovered in past mythologies and familiar landscapes.

Please join me if you can at one of these venues.

My Open Studio Weekends in September

The Affordable Art Fair in October

“Art in Motion” a show of all these works at the Hyde Gallery in Chiswick, West London. PV is 26th October and Meet the artist in the Gallery on 28th October.

“Mythologies” A new Dance Painting Series

In this new series of works I set out to combine my two distinct styles of painting, the figurative dance pieces and the abstract colour paintings.

The drawing based, linear, improvisational style which I created to express the dance movements has always been a fluid work in progress. With this new series, based on the ancient goddess mythologies, I have used a sculptural underpainting technique to delineate the figure and by carving the paint over this and spreading colour around the dancer’s form.

This gives exciting possibilities to express both movement of a body into areas of light and colour but also to increase the emotional range as expressed by the music, the dancer and the mythological narrative.

The results are an exciting new way for me to express the internal and external space through which the dancer moves.

I hope you enjoy the results and I also wanted to thank my wonderful dancers for their tireless creative collaboration on this project.


Lost in Music

Another influence has been inspiration from particular music. From Vaughan Williams to Debussy there are new paintings expressing my love of these pieces and have so enjoyed using them as a spring board to the visual language of paint.

See Below : “The Lark Ascending” Inspired by the Vaughan Williams music