So woman no cry, no, no woman no cry

Oh, my little sister

Don’t she’d no tears

No woman no cry

Song titles like artwork titles can be revealing.

This week I have worked with a beautiful actress on a series of Ink Drawings, titled “No Woman No Cry”, whilst working we listened to various music and then by magic alighted on the Bob Marley classic.

It was the same day as the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict was opening in London with Angelina Jolie, amongst others, as guest speaker.

Thinking on the beauty of women and the appalling abuse they sometimes suffer, it is hard to reconcile human behaviour.

Celebrating beauty should be our privilege. Women reveal their great strength and grace to inspire us in the face of such ignorance and hatred.

Thank you to all the women of the world for their innate beauty and endurance.

No women no cry

4 Images from the series are this weeks Drawing Du Jour

IMG_3755lo res IMG_3742lo res IMG_3744lo res IMG_3739lo res