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I am thrilled to be launching this new-look site and from now until Christmas will be showing a new weekly Drawing Du Jour to enjoy. Many are also available as Edition Prints, please contact me.

I want to extend a massive vote of thanks to Jason Hyatt and all at Resolution Creative for their overseeing of the design, setting up and hosting of this site.

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The Latest News page now, for the first time has the full length version of the movie “Tracing the Soul“. I think it is looking very good in its YouTube format, I hope you enjoy!

London has a wonderfully vibrant art scene right now and I hope to be offering some thoughts on aspects and shows.
The cities largest Art Fair the Frieze blew into town before the storm and created quite a stir. The show of painting in many galleries was very refreshing with an overall settled feel to the annual jamboree. An air of acceptance of all kinds of art jostling for attention is healthy, with less emphasis on shock value and perhaps more on real value.  The presence of Frieze Masters also reminded me that “Time” is the true Master when it comes to Art, something that Grayson Perry touched on in his candid Reith Lectures, if you missed them, do try and catch them on BBC iplayer  as they were very perceptive and amusing.

Speak soon!



Dance Drawing Du Jour no 1

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