Well the day approaches and the year is ending on a high, with an up-coming show in Beirut at the beautiful Villa Paradiso. All the work is delivered and ready for the hang.

The theme is Dualities and after a lot of thought this seems an ever more apt title. The more we know about the world the more important the understanding of our parallel universes becomes.

We live in a Binary world, Light travels in both waves and particles simultaneously, our divided self springs from a simple molecular cell division, as does all life on earth and the duality of our own perception and existence is surely mirrored in the images and art that we choose to express.

This show ranges from  Mythologies, Memories and Mirror Images to repeating Dance patterns and Light reflections. So if you can’t join us, here are some of the images on show.

My thanks go to the brilliant Vanessa Clark for inspiring me and having the vision to mount this show “Vision of Dualities” in this splendid venue.

All art has a dual function, to speak a certain truth to us and to create something new and wonderful in the world.

At this season and time I wish everyone the truth of peace and the creation of a new understanding of ourselves and each other.

David xx

wine dark sea lo res Mythologies,The Bow of Odysseus lo res Sea of Light lo res Tinuke 7211 lo resVC ART - DC BRT (191115)