The Ice House Gallery show ended on a real high with many of you saying how much you enjoyed your visit. Taking stock is always interesting and informative. So many memories of chance encounters and delightful moments. I often feel daunted by having to discuss my work over a two week period but it can be very enlightening to discover what an audience really think and what revealing dialogue ensues.

Thank you all so much for again making it such a great experience.

Time and again the word Beauty came up in conversation, as something people need in their lives. And beyond the word the direct experience of the beautiful is something we have underrated in art. Real beauty I think is a deep primary need akin to a spiritual need and I would go so far to say that I cannot imagine a life without being surrounded by the beautiful, whether in music, art, nature or people. Beauty is not pretty, beauty is powerful and can often lurk just under the surface of the ordinary.

I am looking forward to seeing the Barbara Hepworth show at Tate. She is an artist who. to me, was never afraid of the beautiful.
A woman who survived in a largely man’s world, who carved her name and fame with real integrity and who created the most exquisite beauty, as anyone who has visited her home in St Ives can at testify.

Many of my show pieces are now sold and like children going to into the world I hope they are all loved by their owners.
I am now getting slowly back into the beauty business of art.

Some of you know that my Silk Scarf designs have now been launched by Ayyari and this is their website. They are available to buy. I think they are rather beautiful!

Till next time, be beautiful.


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