Returning from the delirious Blue Mediterranean Sea and Sky of Greece, where we were completely charmed by the great art and beauty of its museums and islands.

Also recharged to produce new figurative and abstract pieces and feeling the power of Mythology to permeate our life and culture.

In particular, we were bowled over by the Acropolis Museum, now on our list of the very best Art Museum/Galleries of the world. It is impossible not to be moved by the past here and its strange resonance to the present. Their enlightenment of thought and clarity of vision are not so far removed from modern aesthetic. I came away with a strong knowledge that Man cannot live without Myth, we have to constantly create our own based on past mythologies but always forging new visions and dreams.

My new visions and dreams will be on show soon! The next dates for your diary are 18th August-1st September when I will be showing new work at the Ice House Gallery in London’s beautiful Holland Park. It would be wonderful to see many of you there. The title for the show is “The Dancer at the Gates of Dawn” in part a homage to the music of Pink Floyd and a nod towards the Sunrise Series of paintings I have been working on.

Returning home I have finished a large new Dance painting, inspired by the Greek Dancers I saw sculpted in relief and also the Classical Nike winged figures of victory and peace. It is called “We Are Stardust, We Are Golden”, Leaping Dancer in 3 Movements. The title refers of course to the Joni Mitchell Song but also to a beautiful mythology of our time, that we are all part of the same spirit. Here’s hoping for a new age of enlightenment, with so much ignorant darkness closing in. This painting will also be on show in August at the Ice house Gallery.

Peace and Love as we used to say in the 1960’s.

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