In this week of my birthday I have been enjoying music and art in equal measure, they both get to the heart of our emotional language of truth, those unspoken emotions that express our innermost feelings and thoughts. Inspiration for my Dance Drawings and Paintings always springs from both the Dancer and the Music, indeed music is often the main catalyst for a particular piece. This week working afresh with a particular dancer, I was again overwhelmed by the sheer beautiful energy of the art of dance and its relationship with music.

Dance is a perfect expression of this unspoken truth. The beautiful short film by Roberta Arantes featured on my website “Tracing the Soul” is titled after a wonderful quote by the doyen of US Choreographers Martha Graham that : ” Music is the hidden language of the soul”. I also hope that by the drawing and painting of Dancers, artists can perhaps add another dimension to this language.

Part of this week has also been spent writing poetic lyrics for my song writing sessions with Thol Mason and they overlap very well into my Dance work. Writing lyrics is cathartic for me, music is so important to my life and work and creates a unique emotional resonance for my art practice.

Inspiration will never run dry for me as soon as the music starts, then I am transported into the moment. From Bach to Bowie it can take you somewhere else, to that Hidden Language of the Soul.

To follow is one of the Drawings I produced this week, the Drawing Du Jour :

D 6 lo res