The year comes to an end soon and in the northern hemisphere the Winter Solstice is approaching. From pre-historic times this turning of the year has been celebrated and worshipped in many ways. In ancient history the early Romans used it for their Bacchanalian revels of the Saturnalia and Sol Invictus (the undefeated sun ceremonies) which then became their Brumalia Festival of 25th December and this in turn was incorporated into Christmas.

It still, for me, retains a primal magic, beyond the usual ceremony, even if only to remind us of our place on a small planet hurtling through space. Our very existence is dependant on the Sun’s return. The Winter Solstice is the more powerful because light from darkness is a constant inspiration in my work. The daily miracle of sunrise and then in the depth of winter, the earth renewing itself, offers hope for a new season. My paintings, at this time of the year are drawn towards this theme. As darkness descends and the studio offers less natural light, the paintings have to fill the gap!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and may the Solstice be with you.

My Painting Du Jour :

“Winter Solstice, Cloth of Dreams”

Winter Solstice, Cloth of Dreams lo res