This weekend and next I am showing work in a beautiful late Georgian London house with large, light rooms.

Most people still acquire artworks for their immediate surroundings and it is always good to see paintings hanging in a great domestic space.

The quality of light really affects the perception of a work and every room is very different, so a new hang becomes something of a revelation for the artist and viewer.
I always encourage buyers to be bold and not clutter walls but let the piece breath in its own space. This house provides just that opportunity.

Just like people, art needs its own domain so it can speak to us clearly. A room with a view is always essential!

The reaction so far, to the work in this space has been overwhelming and has offered an intimacy with clients and the general public not possible in a normal gallery setting.

Attached is a video walk through of the house with new work on show. Enjoy this view with several rooms:
The Drawing du Jour is also on show for the first time this week.

Stella 2 lo res