Well “Triumph” is the only one word review possible for the Matisse Cut Outs show at Tate Modern. The sheer joie de vivre of this show will sweep all before it.

By concentrating only on this late flowering of an extraordinary creative life, it has brought us as close as possible to the mind of a genius at work. Room after room is filled with his spirit and energy, a complete synthesis of colour, line and form.

Intoxicating and endlessly fascinating. All the themes of his art are here; observation of life and nature, sensuality, dance and decoration. No part of our modern designed world has been untouched by the visual influence of this single-minded visionary.

During this period of the 20th Century, the world was suffering intense upheaval, Matisse showed us an alternative world of light and love. Emerging into the gloom of an English summer after the show was like a cold bath after a Mediterranean swim!

His own particular triumph was to turn infirmity and old age into something that created a joyous affirmation of life, an example and inspiration to all of us. I hesitate to show a Drawing du Jour this week but maybe in homage these three will have to do.

For you Matisse the Master, thank you for the beauty.

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