Greetings and Best Wishes for a great new year.

Creatively this is an exciting time for me, as I am working towards a show of new figurative Dance work. I will let you know later when and where this show will take place this year but I already have greatly enjoyed working on this new series of canvasses.

I am also returning to the medium of oil paint after a long period of working exclusively with acrylics in my paintings. There is nothing like changing media to reassess and develop technique and to discover depth and broaden imagery. The beauty of its fluidity and the range of colour of oil paint is its winning combination for so many artists.

With the Dance pieces it has let me concentrate on defining the figure in a smaller physical space by isolating a single gesture in time and hopefully deepening its expressive power.

Some of the first results are attached.

In a year which will bring both dark and light to our lives, these dancers moving from darkness into light are inspiring me to remain hopeful and let the power of art and life lift our spirits up, to where they always belong!

So Happy New Year to you all and keep dancing!


IMG_0211 lo res IMG_0216 lo res IMG_0201lo res Dancer in the Morning Mist lo res Stepping Out lo res Sun Chaser lo res