In two weeks I begin my 3rd annual show at the Ice House Gallery in London’s Holland Park. It is a venue I have come to love, one where I can fully interact with all the wonderful, interesting and sometimes eccentric people who visit the show.

For many it is in their garden; the local residents , the regulars. For others, they have come into this beautiful park simply to wander and explore.

Art is about exploration, many visitors arrive with a frown and leave with a smile and occasionally vice versa! Nearly all enjoy the mix of abstraction and the figurative. Many stay awhile and want to talk or leave a comment and some even purchase an artwork or two.

People can really open up when they want to convey enthusiasm and many’s the time that philosophical discussions have blossomed into an illuminating group debate.

At first this venue seemed a world away from the usual cool gallery experience of the artist in residence but I have come to really appreciate such a direct level of involvement with the audience and a chance to connect with the passions of the human creative spirit.

Do come along if you can, I will be there everyday come rain or shine. There will be lots of new work on display including many new drawings like this Drawing du Jour.

I am really looking forward to our meeting in the park.

August 16th – 30th 2014 Open Daily 11am-7pm

The Ice House Gallery Holland Park

Admission Free

Ilchester Place London W8 6LU, Car Park Entrance, Abbotsbury Road W14

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


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