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‘Made Visible’- David Cottingham
PRIVATE VIEW – Wednesday 22nd November 6-9pm

Co-curated by Vanessa Clark and Mara Alves
Presented by VC Art and D Contemporary
This exciting show is the culmination of a fifteen-year journey for me, studying the art of Dance and indeed a lifetime of working directly from the figure. It represents a coming together of both strands of my painting, abstract and figurative and also a full-circle return to my original study of sculpture at St Martins College
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Enquiries please email – sok@strategyinternational.co.uk
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‘Made Visible’- David Cottingham

PRIVATE VIEW – Wednesday 22nd November 6-9pm
EXHIBITION DATES | 23rd November – 27th November 

Co-Curated by Vanessa H Clark, VC-Art and Mara Alves

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RSVP – sok@strategyinternational.co.uk

A year ago I started working on this project. It has been quite a journey, painting, drawing and sculpting a new body of work, all the while working closely with the shows curator Vanessa Clark of VC Art.
There is nothing like the feeling of discovering new forms and inspirations. The transient art of Dance is the main theme of this show, accompanied by abstracted landscapes and these new Paintings and Sculptures of expressive movement, music, line, light, colour and style are the results.
Many wonderful dancers have worked with me in creating this group of paintings and I owe them a great debt of gratitude for their patience and inspiring work.
An unforgettable year has been condensed and curated into the artwork for this show. I hope you enjoy the results as much as I have in creating them and I also want to say a big thank you to Vanessa for always believing and supporting me along the way.
Please RSVP the gallery if you are coming to the PV.
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