Immersing yourself in something creative, be it Music, Books or Movies etc can be a wonderful release. For a while you are somewhere else, a different country, somewhere that time at last stands still.

Painting is often like that, a sort of Lucid Dreaming, absorbing the moment by moment feelings, listening to your unconscious voice.

Recently while working  on a new large Dance piece I stood back for a moment to try and savour this dream-like state but of course like particle physics the moment you try and observe it, it has vanished.

Again while taking a Life Class this  week I was able to observe in others this powerful creative moment, the letting go. A life class is a special place to meditate.

The painting is also called “Lost in the Dream” after the recent wonderful album by the US Band “War on Drugs”. It is a very hypnotic record and working to its rhythms definitely produced a trance like state.

In this age of “Mindfulness” and Meditation it is good to know that simple creative acts can also be your own drug of choice, with absolutely no unwanted after effects!

See below I have also included a photo of myself half way through this dream/painting process.


The two new pieces are:

“Lost in the Dream” from Large Dance Series 220/210cm

“The Wings of Morning” Diptych , Mixed Media on Paper

Lost in the Dream lo res wings of morning lo res IMG_2859 lo res