Light is the greatest mystery in the universe. We only perceive the world because of light.

Painting is captured light, Turner in particular understood this well and the British have a singular obsession with the fleeting light that is so precious in the long darkness of winter.

The London Art Fair is also with us, or if you will forgive the seasonal pun The Anti Frieze Art Fair. It is always welcome as a reminder of how lucky we are to have a number of highly dedicated small galleries honoring the past and nurturing new talent. Painting was well to the fore as usual.

Cornish painters like Patrick Heron and Terry Frost and those from the St Ives school are always popular at these fairs and the strong post-war legacy they still exert is testament to the light and colour of that very special landscape.

Landscapes and their light can also be about cities. My abstracts are often about capturing this light and sculpting it into paint. London is darkness and light combined in a constant struggle for our soul.

My latest piece is about that theme. The Painting Du Jour:

“City Sunset”

City Sunset lo res