More galleries open every week in London, which must now rival any city in the world for the variety of shows on offer.
It is always exciting to turn a corner and find a new art space awaiting. The art scene in London is in some respects so diverse now that it can only be understood as fragments, reflecting arts current diversity, but how much of the work is entering a dialogue with us? how much is locked into its own language. However a beautiful small show of Matisse and Picasso prints I came across this week reminded me just how much direct communication of sheer pleasure is now gone. We need these modern Old Masters more than ever to remind us that Art can also offer Joie de Vivre. Older galleries like Tate Britain can perhaps still show the way, it has just had a fabulous joyous makeover and lots of press coverage. I can’t wait to visit its neo-retro redesign.


Drawing du Jour :

dancer lo res