After a show I always take stock and reflect on its reception, the people I met along the way and the conversation that ensued. This year we had an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the work and also met so many fabulous folk. It is the unexpected encounters and meetings with all manner of people that make the whole Ice House Gallery experience so special.

Thank you to all who came along and I really hope we can meet again.

It is also in these chance liaisons that we can reaffirm the underlying need for beauty and art in our lives. Occasional frustration also comes to the surface in the amount of times people volunteer that they wished they had “kept up” drawing or painting since their youth. It is sobering to realise the amount of talent lying dormant out there, so never give up the creative path!

Several people remarked on the “joie de vivre” that they felt was present in my work and that is about the most wonderful comment I could hope for. Joy in all its forms is what we need right now, being surrounded by it and spreading it is I think one of the missions of art.

A joyful Dancer is this weeks Drawing du Jour:

Until the next time!

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