This week the wonderful warm weather has inspired  a painting and a poem.

I am also busy preparing new work for my show in Holland Park in August, where you can see this piece amongst a lot of new work. Details to follow next week.


High Clouds

in early light across the fields

in the garden of the world

we awake

and high cloud stretches

its web of silver enveloping

the transient moments

as this sanguine summer

stirs on the breeze


tonight the sky again

will turn to thoughts of evening

the sun will decline its grace

to stay and reawaken fears,

clouds that caste our mind will lift

from dark dreaming

once more to the certain sky

where Hyperion dwells


when all the world is light

such mortal intimations

burst like water on the moon

as our horizons stretch

with infinite memory of summers

and moments resurrected

in this room and through this window

the high clouds offer

a quiet redemption born aloft


High Clouds lo res