Art is never still, always moving. I often work on  a piece over several weeks, changing and overpainting. The work evolves until it speaks directly.
Progress is an uncertain thing, evolution is a better word.
Art of course has evolved, every age has its contemporary, what the Zeitgeist of the time requires, the artist duly provides.
I still draw and paint, are these ancient skills still relevant? I hope so.
I once worked on a BBC project to illustrate the entire history of art and chose as a defining image a human hand print left on a rock from prehistoric times. Our ancestor was saying, I was here, I did this!
These marks and images left by the earliest artists preserved in cave paintings still have a great power undiminished by time and they feel connected directly to us now.
Yes things constantly change and evolve but progress is all together something else.
To accompany this image is a painting evolved from last week and a drawing of a dancer with hands clasped.
A Dance to the Music of Time. My Drawing du Jour :

D 2 lo res Unknown 027 sunrise lo res