I love to photograph and draw the eyes. The power of eye contact is in our DNA, they are truly the gateway to the soul.

When you first learn to draw portraits you are always taught not to begin with the eyes, for good reason, they have a direct power which should not be ignored, it can turn an artist to stone!

When working on the dance drawings, as I have been this week, I make a point of not including  eye contact as it can detract the viewer away from the body, such is its power.
The eyes tell their own story, art is about seeing in every sense. The eye is the most complex organ found in nature, profound and haunting.

The camera captures the eye in a very different way to the drawing, out of the darkness we see ourselves returning our gaze. The soul is glimpsed like a blue ghost.

I have also been experimenting with filming myself drawing, which is enlightening in itself, the eye of the camera revealing the movement of hand and eye.

The Drawing du Jour is a Dance Drawing which you will see emerge in this Video : IMG_0382

The camera saw the time it took, we only see the final image.

The eyes have it !

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