From the Darkness lo res

“From the Darkness, Sunrise and Rain”. Two Panels on Canvas

Summer is hovering around us, not sure whether it has anything seasonal to wear this year. The longest day passed on a tide of change, the dawning of the age of uncertainty, maybe the 21st Century has finally arrived.

In these uncertain times I retreat to the timeless art of drawing. I have worked with three wonderful dancers in as many weeks and with each one discovered something new and revealing. New musical boundaries and tributes helped in our discovery; Classic David Bowie, Beyoncé and Piazzolla were the inspiration.

Powerful songs, Diva Pop and Contemporary Tango created these images but mostly thanks go the the star Dancers: Maria, Marine and Laura. You have brightened a midsummer and lifted the gloom.

I have also finished a new abstract Diptych “From the Darkness, Sunrise and Rain”. The theme of light from darkness has become something of an obsession in my latest work. The sun will always rise and a new day will dawn, or as Bowie once sang on Changes “Turn and face the Strange”

Till next time


The Drawings are :

Beyonce : “Rocket” 1 and 2

Piazzola Tango 1 and 2

David Bowie “China Girl” “Heroes” and “Under Pressure”

Beyonce Dancer lo res Beyonce Dancer 2 lo resTango Dancer ! Lo Res Tango Dancer 2 Lo ResBowie China Girl Maria lo res Bowie Heroes Marine lo res Bowie Under Pressure Marine lo res