Away from London for a week, needing visual stimulation and inspiration. Sometimes just looking at the sky can be enough.

Suffolk skies never let me down, there the sky appears more open and fast-moving and after the often overcast skies of London the effect is exhilarating.

Cloud illusions, water vapour light and air all conspire to create transient moments, like watching paint dry, looking at the sky is an important pastime for me! Above us is a constant source of imagination and beauty, an always moving never-ending light show.

I am drawn more and more to painting skies, this is a new piece “On the Beach, Sunrise” and some photo studies that may lead to new work.

Also this week I had a Dance piece on show for a Drawing group I have been a member of for a long time. They say that practise makes perfect and you need thousands of hours before you can do something well. I hope the many hours I have spent drawing have been worth it.

I always remember my first careers advisor telling me to “get your head out of the clouds , Boy!” when I told him I wanted to go to art school. I am glad I did not take his advice and have been putting my head in the clouds ever since!

On the Beach lo res   photo copy 3  photo photo copy 3