This last few weeks several different influences have occurred simultaneously in my work.

Thinking about Picasso, over 40 years after his death he is still very much all around us. Last week one of his works achieved the highest ever price at auction, an extraordinary, mythic, potent artist. He was above all fearless, constantly exploring media and subject. Mastering every medium he touched.

Listening to the great Miles Davis and particularly a recording with Gil Evans “Blues for Pablo” a perfect tribute to the bravura Spanish Artist, so I now feel a new art series coming on, based on that title.  I also enjoy working in different media simultaneously and the current results are below.

Reading about Michelangelo, who “hated drawing any living subject unless it were of exceptional beauty”. Well Dancers are always in that category, the beauty of their form reflects the hours spent perfecting their craft. They personify the “Grace Under Pressure” that classical dancing expresses so concisely. Even when they are relaxing they exude a natural style. As I hope these new Drawings convey.

The summer is here fleetingly this week and blue skies are very welcome. A new painting and some drawings are also a celebration of summer beauty and colour. Enjoy the season and see you in the park in August.  More details to follow soon!

New Drawings

Painting “Tree Line at Sunset, Gloucester Hills”

Abstract on Paper ” Blues for Pablo”

Chiara 152 lo resChiara 151 lo resBlues For Pablo 2 lo resChiara 156 lo resChiara 158 lo resChiara 157lo resChiara 1511lo resChiara 1510 lo resChiara 159 lo resClaudia 5 lo resClaudia 3 lo resClaudia 7 lo res Horizon5 lo res Blues for Pablo Lo res