Blue is the colour of the gods.

Lapis lazuli a semi precious stone, mined since earliest times in China and ground to become Ultra Marine, the finest of Blue pigments, was once so rare that only the most famous artists could afford to use it.

Blue is the perceived colour of the sea and the sky. We can drown in Blue and artists would be lost without it. I love painting and drawing in Blue, it has the power to transcend and evoke our deepest instincts and emotions. No coincidence then that the  word Blue is also the one we turn to for soulful music and dark emotional expression.

I have been working on a large piece : “The Land of Icarus, Wine Dark Sea”.

The mythical Icarus was escaping from Crete across the Homeric wine dark sea of the Mediterranean with his father when his tragedy unfolded. The painting evokes this myth for me and the electric blue draws me into its complex web of emotions.

I have also worked in blue for works on paper, both abstract and dancers.

The first is a monoprint of ultramarine in acrylics and inks : “Blue on Blue”

The accompany Blue Dancer  remains one of my signature styles and more Blue Dancers will follow in the coming weeks!

The images du jour:

David Blue lo res Blue on Blue lo res 300- 2