Blue is the colour of love, that’s my view. It is the colour of our soulful life, the sky, the sea, the blues are all around us.

In art it all began with Lapiz Lazullii, a very rare semi precious mineral. During the middle ages and early Renaissance, the Ultramarine pigment, the finest and rarest of Blue pigments was the result of its increased availability. Works created by the great masters from that time are unthinkable without its use.

So many of my pieces are about shades of Blue or the journey towards Blue and I also cannot imagine painting without it.

The emotional resonance of Blue is the nearest visual art gets to the condition of Music, it reaches directly to our emotions. All colour has its power but Blue is the colour that to me has a spiritual and other-worldly quality. Whatever perception it is that makes us see the sky as blue is also deep wired into us as the colour of peace and escape.

Vanish into the Blue with this weeks painting:

A new one of my Broken Hearts series:Blue Hearts lo res

“Blue Hearts” Mixed Media on Paper

Blue Hearts lo res

Blue Hearts lo res


Blue Hearts lo res