The colours are shifting, autumn is in the air, light is lower and golden, my favourite time of the year is here!
This week I am showing a painting in a group show in Chelsea organised by the Riverside Art Group.

The RIver Thames is a constant theme in my abstract paintings, particularly the London Light Series and this painting “Waterloo Sunset” is one from that series. It is an autumnal image, golden light and a late sunset along the river.

The title hints at a nostalgia, a nocturne evocative of a famous song title and it combines these themes in a basically abstract image which contains glimpses of buildings, bridges and stars. It also uses some metallic paint surfaces to give reflected light back from the river and the sunset to the viewer.

I enjoy the ambiguity of hidden symbols in an abstract, even if they came about by accident, one clearly intentional, is a sun seen setting at the bottom right of the canvas. The poetic possibility inherent in musical references including the nocturne are also beautiful sources of inspiration.

Queue Ray Davies…….

“Waterloo Sunset” on view at The Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College until October 14.

Waterloo Sunset lo res